Le monstre: La suite
The thing about jellyfish
All my rage
Fashions of a decade : the 1990s
Fashions of a decade : The 1980s
The great Gatsby
Everything sad is untrue
The Sociology Book
The Philosophy Book
The Economics Book
Never Going Back : A History of Queer Activism in Canada
Transforming the Canadian History Classroom : Imagining a new "we"
Spell bound
Shaping School Culture
Reconnect : Building school culture for meaning, purpose, and belonging
So you want to talk about race
The Inclusive Mindset : How to cultivate diversity in your everyday life
Belonging : The key to transforming and maintaining diversity, inclusion and equality at work
Teaching through challenges for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)
Alphabet Soup : The essential guide to LGBTQ2+ inclusion at work
Inclusion on Purpose : An intersectional approach to creating a culture of belonging at work
Breaking down silos for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) : teaching and collaboration across disciplines
How to be a Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador : Everyone's role in helping all feel accepted, engaged, and valued
School culture rewired : How to define, assess, and transform it
Inclusion : Diversity, the new workplace & the will to change
Creative Schools : The Grassroots Revolution that's Transforming Education
Subtle Acts of Exclusion : How to Understand, Identify, and Stop Microaggressions
Erasing Institutional Bias : How to Create Systemic Change for Organizational Inclusion
Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People
Happy place
The terrible two, 04: Last laugh
The terrible two, 03: Go wild
Lying in the deep
Into the heartlands
I am not Starfire
A history of Africa
Invisable Emmie
Les royaumes de feu, 02: La princesse disparue (la bande dessinée)
King of scars
Grisha, 03: L'oiseau de feu
Grisha, 02: Le dragon de glace
Beartown, 03: The winners
The beast of Buckingham Palace
Code name bananas
Wicked fox, 02: Vicious spirits
I was born for this
Button pusher
Le plus petit sauveur du monde
EVO, une histoire de gamers, 01 : Connexion
Félixe et la maison qui marchait la nuit
L'Appel de Cthulhu
My real name is Hanna
This woven kingdom, 02: These infinite threads
Lockwood & Co., 02: The whispering skull
Lockwood & Co., 01: The screaming staircase
35 years of WrestleMania
Willie : The game-changing story of the NHL's first black player
Robo sapiens, 01: Tales of tomorrow
Wait till Helen comes : A ghost story graphic novel
PAWS, 01: Gabby gets it together
Becoming Muhammad Ali
The twilight saga :The official illustrated guide
Keeper of the Lost Cities, 05: Lodestar
Keeper of the Lost Cities, 04: Neverseen
Keeper of the Lost Cities, 03: Everblaze
Keeper of the Lost Cities, 02: Exile
Michael Vey, 02: Rise of the Elgen
Michael Vey, 01: The prisoner of cell 25
Winterhouse, 03: The Winterhouse mysteries
Winterhouse, 02: The secrets of Winterhouse
Funjungle, 05: Lion down
Funjungle, 04: Panda-monium
Funjungle, 03: Big game
Ruby Redfort, 02: Take your last breath
Ruby Redfort, 01: Look into my eyes
Entre le lapin et le renard :Un conte dépourvu de fées
Frigiel et Fluffy, 04:La bataille de Meraîm
La fille qui pouvait voler
La fiancée
Pourquoi pas nous?
Fan de foot
The greatest thing
Fever knights :Official fake strategy guide
The tryout
Only a monster
Echoes of Grace
Ashfall prophecy
A rover's story
The epic story of every living thing
Carrie Soto is back
Sense and second-degree murder
At the end of everything
Love on the brain
The Christmas clash
The climate book
Spearhead : an American tank gunner, his enemy, and a collision of lives in World War II
Oedipus trilogy : new versions of Sophocles' Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone
Across a field of starlight
Journal d'un noob, 04: Bienvenue dans l'End
Journal d'un noob, 03: La traversée du désert
Journal d'un noob, 02: Balade dans le Nether
Journal d'un noob, 01: Un nouveau guerrier
I'm the girl
A year to the day
To catch a killer,02: To right the wrongs
A scatter of light
The summer of bitter and sweet
The ones we're meant to find
Set fire to the gods
The city beautiful
Aesop's fables
Guide visuel de la philosophie
La religion
City spies, 04: City of the dead
Wait for me
Powwow summer
In the wild light
When no one is watching
Words on bathroom walls
Hey, kiddo

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